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About Us

Our business started in 1979. We had just gotten started with Percherons and were surprised to find that there was no calendar devoted to draft horses. Our previous experience was with Arabian horses and we always enjoyed the several calendars devoted to that breed. So, we started a Draft Horse Calendar.

Our success with the calendar encouraged us to start a second one devoted to another of our enthusiasms, driving horses. Many years later we became aware of the many people who were devoted to Mules, and they became the subject of our third calendar.

As a courtesy to our customers, we began selling draft horse books. We later purchased the publishing rights for several draft horse books which had gone out of print and were no longer available, and re-published them. Still later we would ourselves author and/or publish new books dealing with draft horses and mules.

Mischka Farm now stocks and sells over 150 items of interest to their draft horse, driving horse, and mule customers. These items include books, videos, calendars, posters, postcards, notepaper, and Christmas cards. We have become the largest publisher and reseller of these specialized items in the world.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 2067
Cedar Rapids IA 52406

Physical Address:
225 K Ave NW Ste F
Cedar Rapids IA 52405

(319) 362-3027 voice | (319) 362-3046 fax

Joseph Mischka

Robert Mischka Photography

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