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Call 1-877-MISCHKA to Order! Fast Delivery!
VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Accepted

Gift Orders
If you wish to place an order online where
we send calendars to people on your behalf,
simply place the order as if all the calendars
were being sent to yourself (so you will get the
quantity discount) and place the shipping address(es)
in the comments section of the order or send us an
with the names and addresses of the recipients.

How to Order
There are four ways to order:

Call us during regular
business hours (8:30-4:30):

Fill out the form below
and mail it to us at:
Mischka Farm
PO Box 2067
Cedar Rapids IA 52406

Visit our Online Store where we have about 50 of our most popular products featured. Your ordering information is safe with our secure server.

Fill out the form below
and fax it to us at:

(319) 362-3046

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted.  PayPal accepted for online orders.
Calendar Quantity Discounts
(Quantity Discounts are limited when ordering online.)

1 calendar - $16.95
6 calendars - $84.00
2 calendars - $30.00
7 calendars - $98.00
3 calendars - $45.00
8 calendars - $108
4 calendars - $58.00
9 calendars - $121.50
5 calendars - $72.50 10 or more - $13.00 ea

If your browser does not support the printing of forms data, simply print
out the blank form and fill it in by hand before faxing or mailing it to us.

Item Description

Shipping (See below)


US: Shipping $7 for the first book/cards, $3 for each additional book/cards:
$5 for Bood/DVD/gifts, $3 for each additional item;
Canada: Shipping $12 for the first book/DVD/gift, $7 for each additional book/video:
(CALENDARS: No Shipping on Calendars within US.
$5 USD shipping charge for each Calendar to shipped Canada)

Visa MasterCard Discover American Express

Credit Card Number: --- exp. / Example: 02 / 15

Full Name



City, State, Zip


E-Mail Address

Telephone Number

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