2023 February/March 481

2023 February/March 481
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The Londrigan family makes progress with the goal of living an off-grid life in southern Illinois. While work to finish their home progresses, they deal new problems posed by severe winter weather. Taylor Johnson describes how he used found objects and people power to create a road through a frozen swamp in order to reinforce a lakeshore with rip-rap. Jenifer Morrissey provides an in-depth exploration of cover-cropping and how many have adapted this practice to their own particular circumstances.

Mountains Valleys and Rivers on the Bozeman Trail
Building a Swamp Road
Early Cattle Lessons
Just Because You’ve Done it Before …
Working with Cover Crops
Shoo Flies Fly Trap
Starting Over – Part 5
Working Horses Off-Season
Online Draft Horse Farming Symposium Review
Responding to the Bit

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