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2022 October/November Rural Heritage Magazine issue 475

2022 October/November Rural Heritage Magazine issue 475
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This issue features highlights and photos from the annual Horse Progress Days, which was held in Montgomery, Ind., in 2022. Also, stories on what it takes to harvest seed; using a Scotch hobble; our continuing series, Starting Over, featuring a family's efforts to live off the grid. Here is a list of stories:

• Starting Over Part 3
• Retiring Mark
• Farm Update
• Poets, Salesmen and Philosophers
• Stewardship of Seed
• Progress and Innovation
• Horse Progress Days Seminars
• Horse Progress Days International Guest Meeting
• The Beauty of Small
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D-Ring Harness, Les Barden
Palouse Threshing Bee
America's Rural Yesterday - Volume I: Fieldwork
America's Rural Yesterday - Volume II: Barn & Farmyard
America's Rural Yesterday - Volume III: At Home & In Town
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