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Ash Hollow Historic Park 150th Anniversary Celebration

Ash Hollow Historic Park 150th Anniversary Celebration
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Ash Hollow Historic Park in Nebraska holds a three day sesquicentennial event called Convergence on Sacred Ground. The events were centered around the life and strife of five cultures (Cowboys, Native Americans, Military, Fur Traders and Homesteaders) that occupied Ash Hollow during the 1800's. Four RFD episodes in one DVD. 1. The Cowboy Way - Working cowboys demonstrate calf branding, roping, horse breaking, chuckwagon cooking and more. 2. Native Americans of Ash Hollow - Great-great-grandchildren of Chief Little Thunder describe the start of the Sioux Wars in Nebraska. 3. Homestead Pioneers - Re-enactors demonstrate how pioneers traveled to build homesteads and avoid religious persecution 19th Century Nebraska. 4. Fur Traders and U.S. Cavalry - U.S. Army re-enactors present life as a frontier soldier while fur traders present the history of life among plains native Americans. Originally featured on RFD-TV. 120 minute DVD. (2017)

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