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2004 Winter, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 29/6

2004 Winter, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 29/6
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Table of contents:
A Reader Asks About ... The Bean Sprayer
Frances the Mule
Celebrating Horse-Powered Logging
Drafts in Driving
Backing a Mule: Ground Work
Reflections: Simple Pleasures
Doing the Oregon Trail
Teamster Challenge: Farm Hames
Make a Three-Pad Ox Collar
New Life for Old Singletree
Hoof & Hammer: The Gift
A Horseman's Best Advisor
Norwegian Dole Horses
Conestoga Wagons & 6-horse Teams
Let's Talk Rusty Iron: Lime Spreader
Wagon Draft - Horses Versus Oxen
Got Feathers?
Why Oxen?
Towel Aprons
A Winter Adventure
Selecting a Horse IV: The Horse in Action
Horse Logic: Groundwork Goals
Farm Fresh: A Holiday Tradition
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