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Horse Logging on Rural Heritage on RFD-TV Volume 1

Horse Logging on Rural Heritage on RFD-TV Volume 1
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A compilation of five of our RFD-TV episodes featuring draft horses at work.
1. Logging Local Lumber. Big Black Horse hires Tim Carroll to log and mill hardwood on-site for their new home.
2. Logging in the City. Tim Carroll and crew improve a timber stand in a Minneapolis suburb using horsepower.
3. Legacy Logging. Jason Julian harvests big hardwoods with his Brabant Belgian horses and horse drawn forwarder.
4. Logging Arches. Cedar River Logging displays a variety of logging arches and compares their features.
5. Buena Vista Logging Days. Northern Minnesota logging heritage is demonstrated at the Buena Vista Logging Village. A $100 value if purchased individually. Total runtime: 115 minutes.

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