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2013 April/May 2013, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 38/2

2013 April/May 2013, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 38/2
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Horse Powered Salvage
Goats on the Small Farm
Work with a Scythe
Vendor Profile: Mascot Sharpening
Vendor Profile:  Anny's All-In-One
Brown Farm Pioneer Days
Selecting Harness
Flocking to the Park
2012 USA Plowing Contest
American Milking Devons
Roundtable Talks
Many Uses for a Single Ox
Is It a Breed?
Vendor Profile: Farmer Brown Logging & Plow Shop
Making a Rope Halter


Reader Feedback
A Reader Asks About: A John Deere Hand-Lift Sulky Plow
Reader's Bookshelf
Teamster Tips
J.C. Allen Archives
My Card
Calendar of Events
Breeder’s Directory

Logging with Horses, Oxen and Mules
Training Oxen
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