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2011 December/January, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 36/6

2011 December/January, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 36/6
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Let’s Party!
A Reader Asks About A Hoosier Corn Planter
Build a Better Baler
Karbaumer Farm: Horsepowered Organics
Restoring a John Deere Grain Elevator
Blacksmithing is Back
Dowsing for Water
Walt Curlee
Oxen-Powered Haymakin
Reflections: Not So Mini
An English Girl’s Amish Childhood
Working with a Single Ox
Working an Ox with a 3-Pad Collar
Gardening in Structured Beds
Building a Soil Sifter
Making a Case for a Single Horse
Hitching Three: Creating a Non-Event
Silo Filling Day
So Long Summer
The Wisdom of Cattle: What is an Ox

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