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2009 Summer, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 34/4

2009 Summer, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 34/4
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The year of the Ox
When Plans Go Awry
Pre-Purchase Exams
White Cloud Plow Days
Baring the Sole
Starting a Team VII: Putting on the Bridle
Check Dams and Silt Fences
Words on the Wind
Judy Wood - Artistic Photography
The Whiplash Teamsters
Carl Heth's Oxen-Powered Drag Saw

Reader Feedback
Reader Profile: Horseman George Hatley
A Reader Asks About: A perfect Ice Marker
Farm Fresh: Gardening in the Frigid Zone
Reflections: Down on My Knees
Teamster Tips
My Card
Reader's Bookshelf
Hoof & hammer: A Farrier's List of Do's and Don'ts
Breeder's Directory
Calendar of Events
Grandma's kitchen:Barbecued Baby Back Ribs
Advertiser's Index
The Wisdom Of Cattle: Sometimes the Sun Shines Brightly

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