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FEBRUARY/MARCH 2016 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.  

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Simple Living 6: Choosing the Right Pulling Horse, Camping Stoves

Simple Living 6: Choosing the Right Pulling Horse, Camping Stoves


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Season 1, Episode 6 of this program, which originally aired on RFD-TV. Tim travels to the Midwest's larges horse sale: the Waverly Horse Auction in Waverly, Iowa. He shows what he looks for in a good horse to use in the woods. Includes an interview with Rick Schwark, owner of an ethanol plant, about the advantages of this alternative fuel. Also, learn about a great little wood stove, the Four Dog Stove. 30-minute DVD

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  • Wheels, Wheels, Wagons and More

    The late Mr. Dewitt, a wheelwright, illustrates the craft of building a wooden wheel. It is a step-by-step explanation, with many photographs.


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  • Draft Horse Images

    This book has stories about the the 1992 National Belgian Show, the Belgian Championship II Show, the Live Oak Show, and the Milwaukee Circus Parade. Other stories cover the Budweiser and the Reminisce Hitches, the Nevada City (California) Carriage Company, Old-Time Horse Logging, Horsepulling in the midwest, farming with horses, etc.


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  • A Century of Belgian Horses in America

    This is the definitive work on this breed and the people who brought the Belgian horse to its position of prominence in America today.


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  • This Was Sawmilling

    This book picks up the logging trade at the sawmill, with photos of steam mills, waterwheels, and schooners taking the finished lumber to market.


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  • Selecting, Training and Using Draft Horses

    Intended for newcomers, this little booklet is filled with practical advice, including a discussion of the running “W” as a training device. 46 pages. Softcover 7" x 9" 16 b&w photos.


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  • Complete Book of Foaling, The

    Another excellent book on foaling, with many illustrations and photos.


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  • In Praise of Oxen

    Terry James' stunning photographs in the ox country of southwestern Nova Scotia commemorates the important role this draft animal plays there.


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  • Stablekeeping

    From the author of more than 20 books (Cherry Hill) on horses, this one includes information on barn design, lighting, ventilation, sanitation, pest control, pen maintenance, stall management, etc.


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  • Let's Show Your Mule

    A showcase of the beauty and versatility of today’s mules. The author took photos at the 1993 Columbia (Tenn.) Mule Day, Bishop (Cal.) Mule Day, and Shelbyville (Tenn.) Celebration and has picked out the best for this book.


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