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2011 June/July, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 36/3

2011 June/July, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 36/3
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Farm Kids
Logging for a Living
Tom Woolridge: A Journey Back to Rural Roots
Are We Raising Too Many Horses?
Insects in My Garden
Finding Your Way
2011 Ohio Plowing Contest
Little Loggers
Earth, Wind, and Music
Advanced Training for Safety:  Dealing wiht Scary Objects Coming from Behind
How to Stack Hay
Let's Talk Rusty Iron: A Steel Horse Collar?
A Bridle Your Horse Can't Rub Off
The Wisdom of Cattle: Oxen Are Good Listeners
Reflections: Duke
Learning From MIstakes to Train Better Oxen
Natural Form in Trees

Reader Feedback
A Reader Asks About...A Moline Company Plow
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Teamster Tips
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