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2009 Autumn, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 34/5

2009 Autumn, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 34/5
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A View from Holmes County
Horse Progress Days 2009
No Electricity? No Worries!
The Many Steps in…Going Organic
Starting a Team VII: Ground Driving
Keeping the Home Fire Burning for Momma
The Wisdom of Cattle: Work Hard or Be Eaten
HPD2009-Doc’s Natural Horsemanship
HPD2009-Horses vs Tractors Seminar
HPD2009-Planting Seminar
HPD2009-Doc Neuman’s Q & A Session
HPD2009-Safety Hitching Seminar
Letters from Dogpatch II
Horsin’ Around in the Dirt
NAIS UPdate: 
Food Safety Bill: 
A Threat to Independent Producers
Rare and Useful
HPD2009-International Meeting

Reader Feedback
A Reader Asks About: A Bradley Coupler
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Teamster Tips
Breeder's Directory
Calendar of Events
The Rural Bookshelf
Reflections: Hoofbeats on Hallowed Ground
Grandma's Kitchen: Slow Cooking
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