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2008 Holiday, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 33/6

2008 Holiday, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 33/6
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Winter Revelry
British Horselogging III
Ohio Plow Contest 2008
Chinese Ribbon HItch
Strength in Numbers
Carriage Horses of Lake Geneva
Fanning and Swinging
Making Black Gold
Starting a Team V: Backing on Command
A Whole New World
The Wisdom of Cattle: Integrity
Those Were the Days: The Horse Doctor
Old Relic Brought Back to Life
Those Were the Days: The Root
Scratches and Leg Mange

Thanksgiving: An Attitude of Gratitude
A Reader Asks About...A Janesville Plow
Farm Fresh: Woodcutting-Husband Catching
Reflections: Dreamer or Doer
The Wheelwright: Paint Your Wagon
My Card
Rural Bookshelf
Horse Logic: Psychological Pressures
Let's Talk Rusty Iron: Sweep Rakes
Breeder's Directory
Teamster Tips
Calendar of Events
What is It?
Grandma's Kitchen: Cheesecake
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