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2007 Holiday, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/6

2007 Holiday, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/6


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Charlie Pinney
USA Plowing Contest 2007
Just What the Doc Ordered
Natural Teamstership
Self-Taught Equine Artist
A Unique Forecart
Low-Tech Threshing
Ohio State Plowing Contest 2007
Lazy Hoof Trimming
Poplar Snacks
NAIS Hot Spots
Defending Your Rights
Ox Pulling Contests
Care and Feeding of Working Steers
A Journey to Remember
See the Working Horses Work
Index 2007 (Volume 32, Numbers 1-6)
My Cousin the Sod Buster

Guest Editorial: Slaying Goliath
A Reader Asks about... a Sweep
What Am I Bid? Cheap Horses
Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
Teamster Tips
Grandma’s Kitchen: Incredible Eggs
Horse Logic: Gender Differences

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