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The August/September 2014 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.

NEWSTAND CUSTOMERS: We have found a new newsstand distributor for our magazine starting with the Oct/Nov issue.  In response, we are again offering FREE SHIPPING on the current single issue. Get the Aug/Sep issue of Rural Heritage delivered to your door for the regular newstand price of $6.75, while supplies last. Better yet, order a subscription for delivery to your mailbox!

2007 Holiday, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/6

2007 Holiday, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/6


Our price: $6.75




Charlie Pinney
USA Plowing Contest 2007
Just What the Doc Ordered
Natural Teamstership
Self-Taught Equine Artist
A Unique Forecart
Low-Tech Threshing
Ohio State Plowing Contest 2007
Lazy Hoof Trimming
Poplar Snacks
NAIS Hot Spots
Defending Your Rights
Ox Pulling Contests
Care and Feeding of Working Steers
A Journey to Remember
See the Working Horses Work
Index 2007 (Volume 32, Numbers 1-6)
My Cousin the Sod Buster

Guest Editorial: Slaying Goliath
A Reader Asks about... a Sweep
What Am I Bid? Cheap Horses
Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
Teamster Tips
Grandma’s Kitchen: Incredible Eggs
Horse Logic: Gender Differences

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  • Outwitting Ants

    This book describes the several species of wall-nesting and ground-nesting ants that invade homes, yards, and gardens, discusses their behavior, and recommends 101 ingenious methods and proven techniques for preventing them from devouring your garden, invading your barn, and destroying your home.


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  • 2014 February/March14, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 39/1

    Features: Useful Genetic Modifications Family Farming with Diversity Four More Miles! Bison Ranching The Privileges of Harness Care Top Bar Bee Hives Grafting and Budding A Good Squirrel Dog Oxen Understand How the Wind Blows Comparing Culti...


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  • Looking After a Donkey

    This book contains the wisdom that comes from 20 years of running a donkey stud in England. The book starts with tips on what to look for when choosing your first donkey--good temperament being primary among the important features. Proper conformation is described and both good and bad points are illustrated.


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  • Logging Long Ago

    By Mary Martin, James Thompson & Tina Skinner. Follow the history of logging as it unfolds across the United States, from the virgin forests of the East, to the towering redwoods of the West Coast. Historic photography, much of it beautifully hand tinted, captures images of the early woods, the woodsman, and the machines of this important ...


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  • 2015 Stand Up Desk Calendar

    This calendar stands on its own easel on your desk, featuring one page per month, with a color photo of draft horses on each page.


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  • 2007 Autumn, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/5

    Features:  Rocky RIP Fire in the Big Sky Horse Loggers Honored Southern California Oxen Gettin' Hitched Clydesdale Extravaganza The Promise Equipment for Modern Horse Farmers Tie a Rope Bridle NAIS - Getting Congress' Attention


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  • Ice Harvesting Sampler

    A collection of newsreels and amateur films, this video documents various ice harvesting operations in Maine. DVD


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  • Starting Colts in Harness I

    Cathy Zahm takes us through the first three days of her very successful program for training draft horses.


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  • 2014 Driving Horse Wall Calendar (SHIPPED WITHIN USA)

    Our Driving Horse Wall Calendar features the best in full-color photography of these magnificent animals in a practical and useful format. The calendar is 12" wide and 19" tall (when opened), with one large color driving horse horse photo and several smaller color photos for each month.


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