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America's Rural Yesterday - Volume III:  At Home & In Town

It's at the printer!  Pre-order today and your books will be mailed as soon as they arrive in our warehouse (expected in late November).  $24.95.

The October/November 2014 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.

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2007 Summer, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/4

2007 Summer, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/4


Our price: $6.75



A Classic Show Manager
Plowin’ Hard but Havin’ Fun
Four-Legged Movie Stars
Growing up with Georgia Mules
C’mon, Let’s Go to the Fair
The Anniversary
Starting Your First Steers
Don’t Miss the Fryeburg Fair
Just for Kicks
Lessons Learned, New Challenges
The Ultimate Treasure Hunt
So, You Want to Be an Ox Drover?
Presidential Carriages

A Reader Asks about... a Dump Cart
The Wheelwright: Restore a Wagon Box
Farm Fresh: To Grow a Tomato
Rusty Iron: Famous Ohio Line
Reflections: Making Hay
Grandma’s Kitchen: No-Bake Cookies
Horse Logic: Emotional Neutrality
Hoof & Hammer: A Lesson Relearned

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