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The April/May 2014 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.

Get your issue at Tractor Supply, Farm & Fleet (Beginning Feb 1) or order a subscription for delivery to your mailbox or computer.


 April is here and it is time to discount our 2014 calendars.

All wall and appointment calendars are now only $9.50 each including shipping.  Sorry, only for shipping to addresses within the US.

2007 Evener, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/2

2007 Evener, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/2


Our price: $6.75



April Fool's Day at the Plow
He Loves Percherons
A Monument to Teamwork
Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
Moving Big Bales
Economics of Ecoforestry, Landowner's Perspective
Island of Distrust
Discipline and Working Cattle
A Warning and a Ray of Hope
Why Worry about Your Horse's Teeth?
Lessons on Ox Loading
Harvesting a Dream

Guest Editorial: Shoeing Stocks
A Reader Asks about... Bradley Spreaders
The Evener 19th Annual Work Horse, Mule & Ox Directory
Farm Fresh: Learning to Learn
Horse Logic: Green Horse—More Lessons
Hoof & Hammer: Treating Wounds
The Wheelwright: Chuck Box VII
Rusty Iron: Grain Drills

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  • Under the Horse

    This 16-hour, 10-disc set is designed to teach horse owners and hoof care professionals what is a healthy hoof and how to help their horse grow one.


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  • Making Your Small Farm Profitable

    Whether you are buying a new farm or jumpstarting an old one, with Ron Macher's down-to-earth advice on planning, farming, and marketing you'll soon make your farm profitable -- and find satisfaction doing it. 273 pages. 6 x 9 inches. Softcover. Well illustrated.


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  • Small Barn Plans

    A very practical, step-by-step guide to planning and building a barn yourself or with a contractor. This book briefly and concisely explains how to accurately estimate costs and avoid scheduling mistakes.


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  • Restorative Forestry Series 1-3

    This video provides the viewer with a hands-on look at how a small but determined group of men and women are working in harmony with the existing ecological balance. Members of the Healing Harvest Foundation show us how and why they use horses, mules an oxen in the woods to harvest timber, why they use horses, mules and oxen, why they select sp...


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  • Perfect Pumpkin, The

    How to select, plant, cultivate, harvest, store, carve, freeze, and preserve all kinds of pumpkins from the tiny Jack-Be-Little to Dillís Atlantic Giant, with charts identifying the four main groups, the growth habits of 95 varieties, suitable companion plants, pumpkin pests, world champion records and how to estimate the weight of your own big ...


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  • Basics of Packing with Mules - Part 1 (DVD)

    Steve Edwards has over 25 years of packing experience with government packing in a variety of national forests, parks and mountain ranges. Part 1 teaches about basic packing equipment including sawbucks, panniers, boxes, covers, lashes and knots. DVD


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  • Three Abreast Notepad (F)

    60 sheets per pad. 5-1/2" x 8'1/2".


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  • Duncan Notecards - Blondes

    These cards, all by acclaimed artist Robert Duncan, measure 5"x7" and are blank inside. There is one style per box, and each box has 12 cards with envelopes.


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  • Baked Christmas Treats

    16 Cards. 5" x 7". JC Allen Photography. B & W Photos with a hint of color from the J.C. Allen collection.


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