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America's Rural Yesterday-Volume I: Fieldwork
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The October/November 2014 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.

NEWSTAND CUSTOMERS: Rural Heritage magazine is again on the shelves at Tractor Supply stores throughout the US.  Pick it up there or, better yet, subscribe and have it delivered right to your home.

2007 Evener, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/2

2007 Evener, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/2


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April Fool's Day at the Plow
He Loves Percherons
A Monument to Teamwork
Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
Moving Big Bales
Economics of Ecoforestry, Landowner's Perspective
Island of Distrust
Discipline and Working Cattle
A Warning and a Ray of Hope
Why Worry about Your Horse's Teeth?
Lessons on Ox Loading
Harvesting a Dream

Guest Editorial: Shoeing Stocks
A Reader Asks about... Bradley Spreaders
The Evener 19th Annual Work Horse, Mule & Ox Directory
Farm Fresh: Learning to Learn
Horse Logic: Green Horse—More Lessons
Hoof & Hammer: Treating Wounds
The Wheelwright: Chuck Box VII
Rusty Iron: Grain Drills

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    Beautiful notecards with country scenes from original artwork by Rozan Henning. 10 blank 5x7 cards per box, foil envelope.


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    This is a very exciting two-part DVD series. Steve teaches a new teamster how to ground drive his green team starting from the round pen to the wagon. He will help the mule and teamster learn to communicate through the lines. When Steve is on the wagon, you will hear and see how he corrects and communicates. 1 hour 15 minute, 2 DVD set.


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    Northern Minnesota Draft Horse Association Field Days 2011 on the Dave & Sue Lusty's Farm, Miltona, MN. 3 hour 2-DVD set.


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