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Cultivating Memories
Hot off the presses - our newest book comes from long time Rural Heritage contributor Ralph Rice. Entertaining and endearing stories of life of farming.  Delightful reading for young and old.


OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.  EXTENSIVE Horse Progress Days coverage.

NEWSTAND CUSTOMERS: Rural Heritage magazine is on the shelves at Tractor Supply stores throughout the US.  Pick it up there or, better yet, subscribe and have it delivered right to your home - for less money.


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2007 Evener, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/2

2007 Evener, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/2


Our price: $6.75



April Fool's Day at the Plow
He Loves Percherons
A Monument to Teamwork
Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
Moving Big Bales
Economics of Ecoforestry, Landowner's Perspective
Island of Distrust
Discipline and Working Cattle
A Warning and a Ray of Hope
Why Worry about Your Horse's Teeth?
Lessons on Ox Loading
Harvesting a Dream

Guest Editorial: Shoeing Stocks
A Reader Asks about... Bradley Spreaders
The Evener 19th Annual Work Horse, Mule & Ox Directory
Farm Fresh: Learning to Learn
Horse Logic: Green Horse—More Lessons
Hoof & Hammer: Treating Wounds
The Wheelwright: Chuck Box VII
Rusty Iron: Grain Drills

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  • 2015 October/November, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 405

    Features: One Horse Machine Horse Progress Days Field Demonstrations: Spreaders Horse Progress Days Field Demonstrations: Plows Horse Progress Days Field Demonstrations: Tillage Implements Horse Progress Days Field Demonstrations: Miscellaneous Horse Progress Days Field Demon...


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  • Horse Nutrition Handbook

    In this book equine nutritionist Melyni Worth provides an explanation of how a horse's digestive system works, what nutrients horses need and how they get them, what to feed and when to feed it, pasture, feed storage, nutritional disorders, seasonal feeding issues, lifetime nutrition, etc. 250 pages. 6x9 inches Paperback. Illustrations t...


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  • Carriage Trimmers' Manual, The

    The Carriage Trimmers' Manual: Guide Book and Illustrated Technical Dictionary, written in 1881 by William N. FitzGerald, a veteran of the carriage industry, was the most comprehensive addition to trade literature on the subject at the time of its publication. Rare, hard-to-find and long out of circulation, it is now back in print to i...


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  • Three Abreast Notepad (F)

    60 sheets per pad. 5-1/2" x 8'1/2".


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  • My Champion

    This children's book by SK Carnes is a tender story about a lonely girl and an old work horse. Set on an island north of Puget Sound, this coming of age story evokes memories of bygone times that grandparents will want to share with their grandchildren. Original artwork by the author. Winner of the Moonbeam Children's Book Award. A...


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  • Logging with Horses, Oxen & Mules

    Professional logger Brandt Ainsworth discusses safety gear, proper felling techniques, logging horse harness, log carts in a variety of styles, ground skidding, scalling, and decking saw logs. DVD


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  • Cut & Run, Loggin' Off The Big Woods

    Between the 1880s and the 1940s, logging towns sprouted all over the midwest as lumberjacks harvested the timber which helped build America and open its fields. By Mike Monte.


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  • 2015 Donkey Wall Calendar (SHIPPED CANADA)

    This calendar respectfully celebrates the useful and versatility of the modern donkey, jacks, minis, and standards. The calendar is 12" wide and 19" tall (when opened).


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  • 2013 America's Rural Yesterday Appointment Calendar (SHIPPED OVERSEAS)

    A week-at-a-glance engagement calendar, America's Rural Yesterday features 55 vintage black and white photos of rural life in the 1920s and 30s. The calendar measures 12" x 9" when opened.


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