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2007 Evener, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/2

2007 Evener, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 32/2


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April Fool's Day at the Plow
He Loves Percherons
A Monument to Teamwork
Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
Moving Big Bales
Economics of Ecoforestry, Landowner's Perspective
Island of Distrust
Discipline and Working Cattle
A Warning and a Ray of Hope
Why Worry about Your Horse's Teeth?
Lessons on Ox Loading
Harvesting a Dream

Guest Editorial: Shoeing Stocks
A Reader Asks about... Bradley Spreaders
The Evener 19th Annual Work Horse, Mule & Ox Directory
Farm Fresh: Learning to Learn
Horse Logic: Green Horse—More Lessons
Hoof & Hammer: Treating Wounds
The Wheelwright: Chuck Box VII
Rusty Iron: Grain Drills

Other products

  • County Fair Horse Pull

    Teamsters and their horses compete at Historic Prophetstown's Second Annual Horse Pull 20 minute DVD (2012).


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  • Horse-Drawn Loose Haying

    Teamsters and their teams of both light and heavy horses harvest hay with sickle mowers, dump rakes, and buck rakes, then put it up in loose stacks using a Beaver County slide stacker, taped by Video Mike at Montana's picturesque Grant-Kohrs Ranch.


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  • Jack Strode's Mule School

    Watch Jack Strode and Malcolm Jessup as they begin to train a team of draft mules. The video takes you, step-by-step through the crucial first four days of training. Jack is legendary in his ability to train mules, but his methods are a little heavy-handed and may be dangerous for the newcomer or amateur.


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  • Farmall Acres

    A Michigan man single-handedly builds an agriculture museum featuring rare and vintage tractors and horse equipment. 22 minute DVD 2012 RFD episode


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  • Grain Binding Poster

    18" x 22" with 1" white border. Buy four or more photographic posters and get them for half price!


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  • Wheels, Wheels, Wagons and More

    The late Mr. Dewitt, a wheelwright, illustrates the craft of building a wooden wheel. It is a step-by-step explanation, with many photographs.


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  • Let's Show Your Mule

    A showcase of the beauty and versatility of today’s mules. The author took photos at the 1993 Columbia (Tenn.) Mule Day, Bishop (Cal.) Mule Day, and Shelbyville (Tenn.) Celebration and has picked out the best for this book.


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  • 2010 July/August, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 35/4

    Features: Getting More From Less: A Wisconsin Dairy Farm Reaps Greater Rewards Using Fewer Off-Farm Inputs Training for Safety: Be Prepared and Plan Ahead A Driving Force Hay Mow: A Safe Place For Danger Good Bugs Make Mine a Mule Feed & Water for Your Logging Hor...


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  • Conservation & Restoration of Horse-drawn Vehicles

    Topics include the specific steps involved in restoration, the sources for materials and special tools necessary for this work, and the names of some of the artisans skilled in these special talents.


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