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OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.  EXTENSIVE Horse Progress Days coverage.

NEWSTAND CUSTOMERS: Rural Heritage magazine is on the shelves at Tractor Supply stores throughout the US.  Pick it up there or, better yet, subscribe and have it delivered right to your home - for less money.


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Rural Heritage Subscription - Two Year USA

Rural Heritage Subscription - Two Year USA


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Rural Heritage is published 6 times a year and is dedicated to covering issues relating to draft animal power, small farm crop and livestock production, self-sufficient living, organic and natural gardening, sustainable agriculture, and other aspects of our rich rural heritage that can be used today to make the small family farm more productive and self-sufficient. 2 Year Subscription.

Note: If ordering after press date (January 5, March 5, May 5, July 5, September 5 or November 5), your subscription will not start until the next issue (ie, if you order on January 6th, your subscription will begin with the April/May issue). To start your subscription with the most recently printed issue, you will need to select the current issue subscription type above.

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  • 2014 February/March14, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 39/1

    Features: Useful Genetic Modifications Family Farming with Diversity Four More Miles! Bison Ranching The Privileges of Harness Care Top Bar Bee Hives Grafting and Budding A Good Squirrel Dog Oxen Understand How the Wind Blows Comparing Culti...


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  • Carriage and Wagon Makers' Machinery and Tools

    Here again is one of Ken Cope's major reference works on the history of technological innovation. The use of machinery to replace hand tools began earlier in carriage and wagon building than in other 19th century trades, and lasted longer. It was primarily concerned with wheelmaking, one of the most intricate and time-consuming tasks of the carr...


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  • Four Abreast Notepad (D)

    60 sheets per pad. 5-1/2" x 8'1/2".


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  • Weber Wagons

    BACK IN PRINT! Enlarged edition of the favorite book. Lots of information about the wagons made for specific parts of the country, with the specs, equipment and extras, parts and measurements from the Weber Wagons.


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  • A Driving Horse Photo Album

    In 2004 and 2005 acclaimed horse photographer Bob Mischka took several thousand photos at the leading and most prominent driving horse events in America. This book contains the best of those photographs. Over 300 color photographs. 168 pages. 9 x 11 inches. Hardcover.


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  • Selecting, Training and Using Draft Horses

    Intended for newcomers, this little booklet is filled with practical advice, including a discussion of the running W as a training device. 46 pages. Softcover 7" x 9" 16 b&w photos.


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  • Definitive Donkey, The

    This book describes the various donkey breeds, tell how to find the right donkey for you, and then talk about donkey care, breeding, and training.


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  • 2011 October/November, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 36/5

    Features   Maine Oxen Head to Kentucky Horse Park  A View From Holmes County  Horsepowered Haymaking  Cultivating Corn  Miniature Horses Work  Logging Safety  Horse Progress Days Field Equipment  Diagnosing Plant Problems&nb...


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  • 2008 Holiday, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 33/6

    Features: Winter Revelry British Horselogging III Ohio Plow Contest 2008 Chinese Ribbon HItch Strength in Numbers Carriage Horses of Lake Geneva Fanning and Swinging Making Black Gold


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