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Sleighs and Sleighbells

Sleighs and Sleighbells
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Sleighs come in numerous styles, as ably demonstrated by Ursula Baier, a volunteer at Skyline Farm in North Yarmouth, Maine. Ursula takes you on a guided tour of the Skyline Farm collection of sleighs and cutters, pointing out the features that make each one unique. Then Robyn Cuffey of West Buxton, Maine, shows the proper techniques for driving a sleigh, along with some tips on how to turn and how to avoid getting into trouble in deep snow. Finally, Vicki Schmidt of Hebron, Maine, displays many different styles of sleighbell - including hip drops, shaft bells, body bells, hame bells, and saddle chimes - shows how to attach each style, and demonstrates how to accustom a horse to hearing and wearing bells. 1 hour 14 minutes DVD

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