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OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.  EXTENSIVE Horse Progress Days coverage.

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Old Bird

Old Bird


Our price: $7.95


A smart and interesting story of a one-of-a-kind old horse, two boys who learn to love her, and their father whose stubborness is equaled only by the horse's inventiveness. Suitable for reading to kids of all ages and for kids 9 or older to read themselves. Based on a true story. Generously illustrated with lovely full-page paintings by acclaimed illustrator Muriel Wood. Softcover. 10" x 10", 32 pages. 14 color illustrations.

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  • Cameron: Colt Starting Part 1

    This is Volumes 4 in Brad Cameron's Saddle Mule Series. In Part 1 ofColt Starting, learn about saddling a colt, transitions, fence work and achieving a mental connection. 60 min. DVD


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  • Complete Book of Foaling, The

    Another excellent book on foaling, with many illustrations and photos.


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  • Draft Animal Powered Field Days

    Draft Animal Powered Field Days Experienced teamsters host workshops and vendors demonstrate equipment at this New England event as featured on RFD-TV. 15 minute DVD (2015).


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  • Simple Living 1: Farming with Horses, Plowing and Planting, Buying seeds

    Episode 1 of this program which originally ran on RFD-TV. Host Tim Carroll shows some of the basics of farming with horses, from plowing to planting to buying the right kind of seeds. Plus, Tim's Tips and Tricks. 30-minute DVD


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  • Draft Horses at Work on Rural Heritage on RFD-TV Collection I

    A compilation of four of our RFD-TV episodes featuring draft horses at work: Family Farming with Brabants; Ice Harvest; Tapping Maple Sugar; and Produce Equipment at HPD 2014. An $80 value if purchased individually. Total runtime: 90 minutes.


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  • 2012 Feb/March, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 37/1

    Features Antique Wheels in Motion Hitching Three: Adjustments for Success The Good Life on Rainbow Hill Farm Designing the Right Stall Make the Most of Your Tools Gene Matras Early Foal Training Stallion Belts The Homesteader Round Bale Hog Huts The Hors...


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  • Rural Heritage Digital Edition

    Bimonthly journal featuring 116 pages or more of advice on equipment, techniques, and breeds by experienced draft animal handlers. Six issues per year include an annual update of the special resource edition The EVENER Work Horse, Mule & Oxen Directory and Guide. Your ultimate source for knowledge on the use of horses, mules and oxen f...


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  • Stablekeeping

    From the author of more than 20 books (Cherry Hill) on horses, this one includes information on barn design, lighting, ventilation, sanitation, pest control, pen maintenance, stall management, etc.


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  • 2008 Autumn, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 33/5

    Features: A View From Holmes County HPD - 2008 - Field Demonstrations Innovations in Horse Power Managing Your Patures Common Equine Problems British Horse Logging II: THe Horse in the Forest The Wisdom of Cattle: Moving Forward Sins of Big Ag Meet the ...


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