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The December 2014/January 2015 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.

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Old Bird

Old Bird


Our price: $7.95


A smart and interesting story of a one-of-a-kind old horse, two boys who learn to love her, and their father whose stubborness is equaled only by the horse's inventiveness. Suitable for reading to kids of all ages and for kids 9 or older to read themselves. Based on a true story. Generously illustrated with lovely full-page paintings by acclaimed illustrator Muriel Wood. Softcover. 10" x 10", 32 pages. 14 color illustrations.

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  • 2012 October/November, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 37/5

    Features: A View From Holmes County Horse Progress Days 2012 Beekeeping Dairy Filtration Innovations Getting Started with Sheep European Draught Horse Federation Plant Physiology Transitioning to Organic International Sustainable Farming 2012 Ohio Draft ...


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  • Springs for Horse-Drawn Vehicles

    This the first comprehensive book on the subject of springs for the gears of horse-drawn vehicles—the culmination of years of research through the old trade journals for carriage builders as well as a cross referencing of the material with some 2,009 spring patents issued by the United States Patent Office. This is a valuable reference work for ...


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  • Heritage Day in Forest City

    Norwegian and Germany heritage is celebrated with old world activities in Forest City Iowa. 22 minute DVD 2011


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  • Stewards of Our Passions

    Darnell writes a collection of stories about people and events he has encountered in his life and the passions that brought them to is attention - and now ours. Fascinating stories about draft horses, auctioneers, farmers, sewers, quilt auctions, family farms, collectors and much more. Many b&w photos. 10.9"x 8.4" 235 pages, paperback.


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  • Harnessing Work Horses

    Horse logger and farmer from Franklinville, New York, Brandt Ainsworth shares his knowledge of harnessing, collaring, bridling, and grooming a work horse. Using as models ten beautiful, and hardworking draft horses - Percheron, Belgian, Brabant, and Spotted Draft - Brandt demonstrates a variety of harness, including martingale (bellybacker) harn...


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  • Baked Christmas Treats

    16 Cards. 5" x 7". JC Allen Photography. B & W Photos with a hint of color from the J.C. Allen collection.


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  • Logging Your Woodlot

    In this video, professional horselogger Jim “Farmer” Brown provides simple, practical techniques for managing a woodlot, skidding with one and two horses and with a skid cart, felling a tree, and thinning a woods to grow a profitable stand of trees.


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  • Wrecks of the Frontier West

    Another book by the author of The Mule Alternative, Mike Stamm has dug up stories of disasters in the old west involving horses, mules, buffalo, grizzlies, wagons and guns.


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  • Draft Horses Today - Second

    An overview of today’s draft horse and draft mule scene. Chapters on draft horse auctions in the U. S., how to find vehicles and equipment for draft horses, and learning to use your horses. Many photos of people working and playing with their horses today. Printer's Second. Binding may be substandard. Printed without appendix. An excellent book ...


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