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America's Rural Yesterday-Volume I: Fieldwork
On sale 20% OFF for one week only October 20-27
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The October/November 2014 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.

NEWSTAND CUSTOMERS: Rural Heritage magazine is again on the shelves at Tractor Supply stores throughout the US.  Pick it up there or, better yet, subscribe and have it delivered right to your home.

A Historical Guide to Wagon Hardware & Blacksmith Supplies

A Historical Guide to Wagon Hardware & Blacksmith Supplies


Our price: $18.95


A partial reprint of the 2,000 page 1909 George Worthington Co catalog of the hardware used in building horse-drawn vehicles. 202 pages. Softcover. 8.5" x 11". Over 1,000 black & white illustrations.

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  • 2013 June/July 2013, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 38/3

    Features: Soil & Its Inhabitants Fighting Flies Sweet Sorghum Rocket Requiem A War Wagon for Wes Farm Days Great Fermentation Barley Benefits Harness Variety & Function Reflections: Past, Present & Future New Broodmare Progr...


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  • Starting a Team

    Using a patient and customizable approach, Dave Feltenberger teaches a horse to be caught, become accustomed to bridle and harness,t then be driven as a single and put with a teammate Softcover. 100s of black and white photos. 100 pages. 6x9 $14.95

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  • Steve Edwards - Foundation Colt Starting

    In this five DVD set, you will see Steve teaching mule riders from Montana, Arizona and Colorado. The students have not trained equine or had any foundation colt starting before this DVD. All mules are totally trained and ridden by the owners. This video will teach you Ground foundation, Sacking Out, Bitting, Saddling First Ride, Back, Stop, Rei...


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  • Stewards of Our Passions

    Darnell writes a collection of stories about people and events he has encountered in his life and the passions that brought them to is attention - and now ours. Fascinating stories about draft horses, auctioneers, farmers, sewers, quilt auctions, family farms, collectors and much more. Many b&w photos. 10.9"x 8.4" 235 pages, paperback.


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  • Raising Grain with Horses

    Dris Abraham plants and harvests corn, oats and spelt with draft horses at Historic Prophetstown. 22 minute DVD. 2013 RFD episode originally aired 7/26/2013.


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  • Palouse Threshing Bee

    A day of living history in Colfax, Washington. Using only authentic, original equipment and draft animals, this old fashioned wheat threshing bee showcases many antique implements at work including: A push header, Header wagons, Derrick Table, Stationary separator and a Case steam engine. DVD, 41 minutes.


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  • Peter Schuttler Wagons

    A reprint of the Peter Schuttler Company (Chicago, Illinois 1843-1902) Catalogue No. 80. Includes wagons, running gears, oil gears, springs, boxes, and brakes.


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  • Simple Living 10: Stillwater Logging Camp Part 1

    Season 1, Episode 10 of this program, which originally ran on RFD-TV. Come along on a big adventure, a three-week logging camp at the Warner Nature Center near Stillwater, Minn. The area was devastated by tornadoes, now Tim and the crew come in to set up camp. This episode contains several great tips from Tim. 30-minute DVD


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  • Backyard Market Gardening

    Here is the classic flagship book that helped establish farmer's markets worldwide. Discover how easy and profitable it is to grow and sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, and small livestock from your own Backyard Market Garden. 352 pages. Softcover. 6 x 9 inches. Dozens of photos and illustrations.


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