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The August/September 2014 issue of Rural Heritage is now available.  See the list of great stories we offer in this issue.

NEWSTAND CUSTOMERS: We have found a new newsstand distributor for our magazine starting with the Oct/Nov issue.  In response, we are again offering FREE SHIPPING on the current single issue. Get the Aug/Sep issue of Rural Heritage delivered to your door for the regular newstand price of $6.75, while supplies last. Better yet, order a subscription for delivery to your mailbox!

A Historical Guide to Wagon Hardware & Blacksmith Supplies

A Historical Guide to Wagon Hardware & Blacksmith Supplies


Our price: $18.95


A partial reprint of the 2,000 page 1909 George Worthington Co catalog of the hardware used in building horse-drawn vehicles. 202 pages. Softcover. 8.5" x 11". Over 1,000 black & white illustrations.

Other products

  • Horse Nutrition Handbook

    In this book equine nutritionist Melyni Worth provides an explanation of how a horse's digestive system works, what nutrients horses need and how they get them, what to feed and when to feed it, pasture, feed storage, nutritional disorders, seasonal feeding issues, lifetime nutrition, etc. 250 pages. 6x9 inches Paperback. Illustrations t...


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  • JC Allen Notecard - The Chicken or the Egg?

    Exclusively from Mischka Press J.C. Allen photography, colorized and made into fun all occasion notecards. Box of 12 5x7" cards and 12 white envelopes. Assortment also available (Product Numbers C433 & C434)


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  • Steve Edwards - Foundation Colt Starting

    In this five DVD set, you will see Steve teaching mule riders from Montana, Arizona and Colorado. The students have not trained equine or had any foundation colt starting before this DVD. All mules are totally trained and ridden by the owners. This video will teach you Ground foundation, Sacking Out, Bitting, Saddling First Ride, Back, Stop, Rei...


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  • Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business

    Combining the stories of 10 successful small farm operations with detailed, easy-to-read instructions on how to start your own, Aubrey provides specific real world examples of business plans, marketing tools, business reports and other documents.


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  • Henning Notecards - The Last Log

    Beautiful notecards with country scenes from original artwork by Rozan Henning. 10 blank 5x7 cards per box, foil envelope.


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  • Horse Progress Days 2005

    Beautiful Lebanon Valley, Pennsylvania, was host to the 12th annual Horse Progress Days featuring horse- and mule-drawn manure spreaders, plows, tillage tools, planting and produce equipment, field sprayers, and haying implements in action behind a wide array of breeds and team configurations. This video, narrated by Rural Heritage column...


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  • Mill Works Christmas

    16 Card and envelopes. 5" x 7". Original artwork by Larry Schultz.


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  • Sugaring

    Gramp and Nora gather sap from maple trees to make syrup. The horses Bonnie and Stella pull the heavy tank filled with sap from tree to tree. After the work is done, all four are rewarded with a treat.


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  • 2010 Nov/Dec, Rural Heritage Magazine Issue 35/6

    Features: Stop! Look at the Plow Horse! Farm Fresh: Cool Weather Gardening Improvements Artifact Memories Horse and Mule Powered Threshing Racing into the world of Draft Horses Draft Breeds in a Non-Draft World Training for Safety: Chasing the Cart Boiling Sor...


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