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Books Offered For Wholesale

Draft Horses - An Owner's Manual

Veterinarian Beth Valentine discusses how to gauge your horse's health, the particular disorders that affect draft horses, how to safely administer medicine, starting a draft foal, and more. Farrier Mike Wildenstein covers how to maintain a sound hoof, judging soundness, and other hoof-related topics.


238 pages • Softcover • Well illustrated • 8.5" x 11" • $32.00 retail

The Marshall Collection
Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles

An extensive collection of horse-drawn vehicles including wagons, carts, vans, trolleys, coaches, sleighs, buses, cabs, fire-fighting equipment, and much more. Hundreds of color photographs. 198 pages. 8.5 x 10 inches. Hardcover.

198 pages • Hardcover • Hundreds of color photos •8.5" x 10" • $39.00 retail

A Driving Horse Photo Album
by Robert Mischka

In 2004 and 2005 acclaimed horse photographer Bob Mischka took several thousand photos at the leading and most prominent driving horse events in America. This book contains the best of those photographs. A wide variety of horse breeds, driving events and turnouts are represented. Most of the nation's most accomplished drivers and trainers are included. Over 300 color photographs. 168 pages. 9 x 11 inches. Hardcover.

168 pages • Hardcover • Over 300 color photos • 9" x 11" • $39.00 retail

America's Rural Yesterday - Volume I: Fieldwork

America's Rural yesterday - fieldwork


Volume I in our three volume set. More than 100 photographs by famed photographer J.C. Allen of field work including planing, tilling, harvesting and more. Includes shots of threshing, corn shelling, milling, haystacking. Horses, mules, oxen, vintage tractors, and stream engines provide the power back when rural life was the norm. Many photos have never before been published.


144 pages • Softcover • 100+ vintage b&w photos• 8.5" x 11" • $24.95 retail

America's Rural Yesterday - Volume II: Barn & Farmyard

america's rural yesterday - Barn and farmyard

The second book in our 3 volume set. More than 120 photographs by famed photographer JC Allen of farm work performed in dairy, poultry and hog barns as well as the wide variety of tasks performed in the barnyard including ensilaging, stock feeding and watering, haymow loading, threshing, corn grinding, butchering, collecting eggs, root cellaring and much more. Many photos have never before been published.


156 pages • Softcover • 120+ vintage b&w photos• 8.5" x 11" • $24.95 retail

America's Rural Yesterday - Volume III: At Home & In Town

america's rural yesterday - at home and in town

Third in a three-volume series showcasing the vintage photography of J.C. Allen , this book features photos of what people did when they weren’t working in the fields, barns or farmyards in the 1920s-1940s. More than 120 photographs of rural families in their kitchens, parlors and dining rooms. Photos of going to town and spending time at the library, grocery or general stores, school and doctor's office, transporting the reader to another time when life moved slower and family and community was important. Many photos have never before been published. 


156 pages • Softcover • 120+ vintage b&w photos• 8.5" x 11" • $24.95 retail

Training for Safety
by Ona Kaiser and Margaret Beeman

training horses for safety book

The authors give detailed explanations of how to train your horse for a safe drive. They emphasize communicating with your horse so he understands what you want him to do and looks to you for for direction. The book includes easy-to-follow illustrations and photographs.


71 pages • Softcover • Well illustrated and photographed • 9" x 6" • $19.95 retail

Starting a Team
by Dave Feltenberger

starting a team book

Using a patient and customizable approach, Dave Feltenberger teaches a horse to be caught, become accustomed to bridle and harness,t then be driven as a single and put with a teammate.


100 pages • Softcover • 100's of b&w photographs • 9" x 6" • $49.95 retail

They Did It With Horses
by Philip Weber

they did it with horses

Philip Weber spent most of the last century collecting thousands of photos of horses at work. He picked the best from that collection to put in this new book. Sections include logging, firefighting, farming, hauling freight, and home delivery of ice, dairy, bread and more.

256 pages • Hardcover • 400 b&w photos • 8.5" x 11" • $28.95 retail

It's Showtime!
A Beginner's Guide to Showing Draft Horses
by Robert Mischka

it's showtime

This book covers what the judges look for, how to groom your horse for the show ring, what to bring with you to the show, how to safely transport horses, shoeing for the showring, showing at halter and in harness, tail tying, mane rolling, preparation at home, and more. It also includes a listing of draft horse shows, sources for show supplies, and other information sources.

128 pages | Hardcover | 140 b&w photos | 7.5" x 10" | $21.95 retail

Draft Horse Images
by Robert Mischka

draft horse images

This is a picture book organized into twelve photo essays. There are stories about the the 1992 National Belgian Show, Belgian Championship II Show, and Live Oak Show. Other stories cover the Milwaukee Circus Parade, the Budweiser and the Reminisce Hitches, the Nevada City (California) Carriage Company, Old-Time Horse Logging, Horsepulling in the midwest, farming with horses, and Work and Field Days.

160 pages | Hardcover | 300 color photos | 8.5" x 11" | $25.95 retail

Let's Show Your Mule
A Mule Photo Album
by Robert Mischka

let's show your mule

A showcase of the beauty and versatility of today's mules. The author took photos at the 1993 Columbia (Tenn.) Mule Day, Bishop (Cal.) Mule Day, and Shelbyville (Tenn.) Celebration and has picked out the best for this book. There are 228 color photos of some of the best mules in the country. Full photo captions.

92 pages | 9" x 11" | Hardcover | 228 color photos | $14.95 retail

Draft Horses Today
by Robert Mischka

An overview of today's draft horse and draft mule scene, starting with a discussion of the five draft breeds found in North America. Chapters on draft horse auctions in the U. S., how you can find vehicles and equipment for draft horses, and how you can learn to use your horses. Many photos show how people are working and playing with their horses today. An appendix lists 30 breed associations, magazines, and equipment sources. An excellent book for newcomers. A great gift.

176 pages | Hardcover | 290 color photos | 8.5" x 11" | $32.95

Selecting, Training, and Using Draft Horses
by Merle Saxon

selecting, training and using draft horses

Intended for newcomers to draft horses, this little booklet is filled with practical advice, including a discussion of of the running “W” as a training device. In this edition we have added the late Mr. Saxon’s autobiography written during his year-long battle with cancer.

46 pages • Softcover • 16 b&w photos • 7" x 9" • $10.00 retail

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